Overheard - Video (5:46)

“Within any consciousness there is a Greek chorus, a mess of intertwined voices.” — Candice Breitz

Overheard is a film about human voices, human thoughts, and human lives. It is a combination of things taken from everyday life intermixed with things imagined. The voices running throughout the film are meant to be the voices of a collective conscience living in a large urban center. Everything said here are a part of conversations that I've overheard and collected throughout the city.

I am interested in the habitual and at times mundane aspects of everyday life, and I am also fascinated by the dynamics of personal relationships within such a huge, yet congested space. A part of my intention is to focus on a variety of voices and a variety of topics. They are speaking of similar themes, yet they do not seem to be speaking to each other. This is reflected in how we must all have similar thoughts, dreams, and fears, yet they are hardly ever communicated or acknowledged, especially between strangers.

Another aspect of this project is the fictitious narrative that arises out of real conversations. The original recording of the conversations went through multiple levels of interpretation as the project progressed. First, when I was out in the field, many times I could not record everything I heard, or could only hear snippets or single sides of a dialogue. As I transcribed them into scripts, many of the parts missing were filled in with my interpretation of what the conversation was like. The script was then read and recorded by actors in a controlled space, where they created characters out of the words on paper. Finally, as the audio was cut up, remixed, and played over images, a new story was created far different from the original source. The end product is ultimately a place where my imagination manifests; my projection of what life in this city is about, and my own questions and search for connection. And it is my hope that within that same place, some truths can be derived by viewers speaking to their experiences of their own lives here.