If you see this...

Craigslist.com is an online platform for classified advertisements. It exists in North American culture as a place to find both affordable and questionable goods and services from the local population. The Missed Connections section of Craigslist serves the purpose of finding people; people with whom you had felt a connection with, but failed to collect their contact information. It is a site where people attempt to reclaim their missed personal opportunities, and ask for a second chance. Users not only make ads looking for specific people, but also post meandering inner monologues, and details about past relationships.

      But this is not a story about love. This is a story about strangers, the city, and destiny. There is no way to tell whether the following events really happened, or where the narrative went soon after the described moments. 



But the mystery of them is exactly what captivates me, and stirs my imagination. I read carefully the descriptions of locations, events, and the peculiar and specific details of someone I don't know but could know. Even the most mundane post feels intimate to me. It is secretive, and voyeuristic; I can imagine myself as both the source and object of desire. 

Using the Missed Connections platform as a starting point, I seek out the locations of these postings, and I create my own visual story through fragmented observations. I look in the shadows, windows, and crevices. I look at each person as the potential author of a frayed narrative that I find myself tied to. I photograph the city as both a heartless and a hopeful place. I work to be a documentarian of a moment passed, of regret, of longing, and of a lost connection still to be found.