Moments from July

Change seems to come in waves, and the wave washes over everyone around you. There has been a lot of changing, shifting, and parting around me these days. I'm getting ready to move out of my apartment, and slowly organizing everything I need for my upcoming trip to China. My childhood best friend who I by-chance reconnected with a year and a half ago, whom I had shared a place with for that time being, left for a job in Vancouver. Co-workers are jetting off to the other side of the world, and friends are separating from their partners. Change is not new to me and I like to think that I adapt well to it. Growing up, we moved around a lot, including the big move to a completely different country. I've lived in a different place every year for the past five years, and my loved ones are scattered in different towns and cities and countries. So it's not surprising that to me, leaving this place feels like following through to a logical conclusion after a year and a half. 

But seeing all this change around me, it's got me thinking about the different ways that people grieve the endings. Nothing stays the same from moment to moment, everything is fleeting, and yet as soon as we get used to something, seeing it go makes us so sad. We come to love things, places, and moments so easily. And doesn't it make sense that I love photography so much, as it allows me to capture these moments that I come to fall in love with; moments that are so ordinary, specific, and delicate. The light shifts, the clock turns, and everything changes. 


Here are some images from the last few weeks: