From where I am standing

And so here we go again, this is maybe the tenth time I've tried to start and upkeep a blog. But this time it feels different, it feels more purposeful. I am drawn to photography because of its ability to tell stories in such an immediate and visceral way. It has the ability to expose, reflect, and transport. I want my pictures to look for the truth, and to tell authentic stories. I still have a lot to work on and I certainly haven't been doing it adequately as of late. Perhaps I am waiting to stumble upon some extraordinary narrative from people who lead interesting and vastly different lives from me. I am still always looking to foreign lands that seem to be packed full of intriguing and unfamiliar things. And yes, I am fast approaching one of those adventures to a foreign land, but I still have some time left at home.

I realize that I should take a second, and look around me. A part of being a photographer involves looking for the beauty in mundane things. I know there are stories all around me, within the people I have seen a hundred times before and places that I come across everyday.  I just haven't looked hard enough. So I will start from where I'm standing, with eyes open a little wider, and mind a little more curious. And I will practice being more open with sharing the stories I piece together from my own life.

How fitting it is that I'm writing this on a dark and stormy afternoon, the rain heavy on my windows and thunder cracking loudly and crisply. The atmospheric drama is real, and my mind, for the first time in a long time, fills with words.